Margin Services is a family run business and was founded in 2001 starting off in a small local shop in a village called East Preston.

As years went on the company was getting more and more successful forcing spares2you.co.uk to move to a larger warehouse unit to our current location in Rustington.

After moving in 2005 the business really took off with the options of holding more branded stock including Karcher & VAX. Karcher & VAX brands have taken over 50% of room we have and is rapidly growing alongside the lampspares parts and accessories.

We started to see the demand for lamp fitting and all the accessories that go with them so added these to spares2you web site. As this became busier we decided to offer lamp parts on its own site and along with some guides and information we started lampspares.co.uk.

We have now also seen the popularity in lights in jars so after building nearly 10,000 jar lights for Superdry high street retail stores decided to start jarlights.co.uk which is supplying custom made jar lights.

Late 90’s

Margin services begun and was started by founder Martin Hobbs and his wife Ginette Hobbs. Specialising in electrical spares and lighting components perfect for restoring, repairing and creating light fittings. They decided on the name Margin because it is the first three characters of each of their names keeping the business special and close to them both.


The first shop of Margin Services was open. This shop was in Station Parade, East Preston and is still remember by the locals to this day. Known for their electrical spares such as batteries and light bulbs the business started to get the locals attention. Charlotte Adfield, also joined the business being the oldest daughter of the founders working along side them in the business helping customers find their perfect spares. This was also the time that Margin Services started to stock their domestic appliance spares from bags to filters and dabbled in hoover repairs as well.


In 2005 Margin services decided to join their competitors online in hope that they could reach more and more people. And that they did. Online ordering became more convenient and easier for Margin services customers and was a great business move for margin services.


Domestic appliances was flying off the shelf and it was time for there to be a change at Margin Services. Spares2you was created specifically for all of the domestic appliance spares that margin Services had to offer. Spares2you has its own website and is perfect for any domestic appliance spares that our customers could want. At first it stocked Bissell, Miele and other brands.


After working incredibly hard in the shop it was time for an upgrade. Martin decided that expanding the online business and the amount of stock that they could hold was crucial so purchasing a unit was the next step. After finding one that was appropriate for what they needed the unit was bought and the process of moving was underway.


After purchasing the unit, the shop that was based in Station Parade, East Preston was closed, and the new unit was finally moved into and the business was expanding. All the stock was moved, and the business started to grow and grow. This was also the year that Margin Electrical, which was Martin Hobbs previous business ended leaving Margin Services to take over and be the focus for the founders.


In 2009 Katie Neil-Smith the second daughter of Martin and Ginette Hobbs joined the business. Bringing some fresh and new ideas to the table. Also becoming a stakeholder and Financial director in the business giving Margin Services a boost up in the competitive game. Online orders started to grow, and the business was progressing into on of the most popular domestic and lighting spares companies in the UK. This was also a massive year for Margin Services as this was the year that Lampspares was created. Stocking mass amounts of lighting components and spares and specialising in restoring and repairing lamps.


An upgrade was needed as the times were changing. Richard Hobbs who has an electrical and technical background and is the son of Ginette and Martin Hobbs joined the business. Also becoming a Stakeholder and technical director in the business, sharing his technical and website knowledge to improve the online aspect. Both Spares2you and Lampspares were much improved in terms of the online aspect and this increased the amount of online orders.


5 Years on and Margin Services is still a reputable local business. Spares2you is one of the most popular stockists for most big domestic appliance brands such as Karcher, W4, Dyson and many more and are now stocking a small amount of Karcher machines. Lampspares is one of the UK’s Largest stockists for lighting components and we have created our own custom products that you can find anywhere else. Regular and local customers still come into the shop front and ask for the domestic spares and lighting components, from time to time we are still fixing up our customers light fittings and giving them a new lease on life.